2011SSAT Aviation Safety Presentations

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Vehicle Integrated Prognostic Reasoner (VIPR)
1.1 MB 476 downloads
Open Architecture for Data Mining and PHM
741.2 KB 359 downloads
A New Approach to Certifying Safety in NextGen
747.9 KB 315 downloads
SSAT15Designing Human-Automation Interaction pdf.pdf
Designing Human-Automation Interaction through Computational Modeling of Cognition and the Dynamic Flight Environment
863.9 KB 277 downloads
Automating the Generation of Heterogeneous Aviation Safety Cases
1.6 MB 296 downloads
SSAT 5_Davies_Model-based.pdf
Model-Based Validation Testing
6.0 MB 270 downloads
SSAT 7_Pike_Monitoring(2).pdf
Monitor Synthesis for Software Health Management
1.9 MB 309 downloads
SSAT 10_Chu_DM.pdf
Distributed Optimization for Aircraft Fleet Monitoring
326.7 KB 295 downloads
SSAT 14_Feary_HSS.pdf
System-Wide Safety Assurance:Human Systems Solutions
2.7 MB 317 downloads
SSAT 16_HSS.pdf
The Automation Design Advisor Tool
779.9 KB 273 downloads
SSAT 20 _RTI_Venti_Version2.pdf
Collaborative Approach To Conducting Research
1.2 MB 300 downloads
Scalable Text Data Mining for Improving Aviation Safety
1.2 MB 351 downloads
Validation and Verification of Safety-Critical Integrated Distributed Systems
464.7 KB 305 downloads
Evidential Tool Bus for Flight Critical Systems
426.1 KB 279 downloads
SSAT 6_Person_Directed.pdf
govDirected Incremental Symbolic ExecutionSuzette
731.7 KB 393 downloads
SSAT 2_Bass Integrated.pdf
Integrated Model Checking and Simulation of NextGen Authority and Autonomy (NextGenAA)
615.4 KB 203 downloads
SDAS Analyzing Multivariate FOQA Data during Approach Some S...
Analyzing Multivariate FOQA Data During Approach
752.8 KB 257 downloads

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