Research Areas under DASHlink

Human Factors

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  • Aviation Safety Technology Portal (ASTEP)

    Information on tools and technologies developed by NASA for Commercial and General Aviation Operators. Check out some of the Opensource tools available: MKAD MKAD (Multiple Kernel Anomaly Detection) is a software tool that can be used for anomaly detection. Nu-Anomica ...

  • FDM for offshore operators

    Minimal set of events and data visualization for flight data, aiming to measure and ensure quality in helicopter operator on offshore operations.

  • Fuel Related Events General Aviation

    Want to look at the factors in fuel starvation and fuel exhaustion events in General Aviation. I want to explore patterns in aircraft type and equipment to evaluate methods that might minimize these events

  • Information dissemination

    Creating awareness of Space technology in Uganda. Addressing the need of Space exploration and its significance in Uganda. Simplified of Space technology to the citizens of Uganda

  • NASA Space Radiation Program Element Web Tools

    We have developed several biophysical models to assess the health risks to astronauts due to space radiation. You can access here.

  • NASA-Boeing

    • Designed custom tooling for new product development of Boeing-NASA ISS (International Space Station) solar panel structure. • Developed new global optimization techniques for designing new airplanes. • Conceptualized advanced methodology for project development of solar panel structures. • Authored ...

  • Text Mining Algorithms & Applications

    Text Mining Algorithms & Applications

  • X Project

    The X Project is an exiting collaborative aircraft design challenge, exploring new sustainable ideas and opportunities in technology, while researching and developing the fastest propeller driven airplane in the world.