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  • Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop

    Please click here to enter the Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop-1 Website Please click here to enter the Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop-2 Website

  • Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop - Organizing Committee

    Note: if you plan to upload here something that should be public - please don't. Please upload to the public website and it will be cross linked to here. Thanks Big Picture Stuff Current Activities & Short Term Schedule Meetings ...

  • Aeroservoelasticity Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization

    This project was created to provide the means to plan and collaborate regarding a workshop for state of the art in Multi-disciplinary design and optimization with special emphasis on Aeroservoelasticity. The original goal was Supersonics but it has been expanded ...

  • Aerospace Simulation Clustering Experiments

    Forum and storage for the Summer 2011 Clustering research and experiments. The goal for this Summer will be to explore improvements in automatic structure detection for the purposes of validating aerospace concepts of operation.

  • AFCS - Distributed Systems

    Assurance of Flight Critical Systems - Distributed Systems

  • Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion

  • Ames Uas in the Nas

    Ames' project for investigating certification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System Logo picture from Dryden

  • Aviation Safety Technology Portal (ASTEP)

    Information on tools and technologies developed by NASA for Commercial and General Aviation Operators. Check out some of the Opensource tools available: MKAD MKAD (Multiple Kernel Anomaly Detection) is a software tool that can be used for anomaly detection. Nu-Anomica ...

  • Brahms-Verification

  • C-Analysis

    This is a project for analyzing C/C++ programs.

  • CertWare

    A 2007 study by the National Academy of Sciences provides strong motivation to explore the use of dependability cases as a means to address verification, and ultimately, certification, of highly complex systems. Kestrel Technology, LLC, has developed a prototype extensible ...

  • Compositional Verification for Flight Critical Systems

    This site allows us to collect information and resources about the compositional verification for flight critical systems effort going on under NASA's Assurance for Flight Critical Systems effort.

  • Electromangnetic analysis of metamaterial based frequency selective surfaces for Aerospace applications

  • Flight Opportunities Program

    Document sharing for the Flight Opportunities program

  • Health management of aircraft electrical systems

  • hiliftideas

    area to post hilift ideas and working files

  • Information dissemination

    Creating awareness of Space technology in Uganda. Addressing the need of Space exploration and its significance in Uganda. Simplified of Space technology to the citizens of Uganda

  • Intelligent data understanding software tool


    Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer is a robotic mission in lunar orbit to gather detailed information about our moon's atmosphere, conditions near the surface and environmental influences on lunar dust. A thorough understanding of these characteristics will address long-standing ...

  • NASA Space Radiation Program Element Web Tools

    We have developed several biophysical models to assess the health risks to astronauts due to space radiation. You can access here.

  • NASA-Boeing

    • Designed custom tooling for new product development of Boeing-NASA ISS (International Space Station) solar panel structure. • Developed new global optimization techniques for designing new airplanes. • Conceptualized advanced methodology for project development of solar panel structures. • Authored ...

  • Preformed Complex Organic Molecules from the Matrix of Magnetic Minerals

    Dr. Friedemann Fruend and Nomana Intekhab Hadi has been working on a project entitled as ‘Preformed Complex Organic Molecules from the Matrix of Magnetic Minerals’ in Earth Science Division, Code SGE Exobiology Grant # NNX10AR81G where there project titled as ...

  • Radiation Safety & Maintenance

    Nuclear Safety at Ames Research Center. Code- 305GH

  • Statistical Emulation

    A collaboration between Ames and UC Santa Cruz to perform statistical emulation of complex, nonlinear simulators at NASA. These emulations allow accurate predictions and uncertainty quantification.

  • Structural Efficiency

    This project has been created to enable/facilitate collaboration of all those working to develop future aerodynamically and structurally efficient subsonic aircraft.

  • Symbolic Execution Enhanced System Testing

    This project explores the use of heuristic techniques in combination with symbolic (or concolic) execution as a way to find system-level test vectors for large or nonlinear systems.

  • Working with Amphibious Aircrafts

    This project is created to study Amphibious Aircrafts and promote their usage by researching prospective fields in Commercial as well as the Military sector.

  • Workshop on IVHM and Aviation Safety

    WIAS is an Indo-US workshop on Integrated Vehicle health management and Aviation safety organized jointly by National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bangalore and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) USA for the first time in India. We welcome all the expert ...

  • X Project

    The X Project is an exiting collaborative aircraft design challenge, exploring new sustainable ideas and opportunities in technology, while researching and developing the fastest propeller driven airplane in the world.