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What is DASHlink?

The Discovery in Aeronautics Systems Health (DASHlink) website encourages collaborative research and development and the dissemination of aeronautics systems health data, algorithms, and results to NASA, other agencies, and the public.

DASHlink is part of the Aviation Safety Program in NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.


The primary goal of DASHlink is to disseminate information on the latest data mining and systems health algorithms, data, and research. DASHlink will make public data sets, open-sourced algorithms, and non-proprietary research results more accessible.


DASHlink is a platform for aeronautics and data mining researchers to collaborate. NASA and others can leverage the knowledge and insight of disparate groups of researchers and domain experts.


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DASHlink is powered by C3. To learn more about C3, or DASHlink's sister sites, check out: https://c3.ndc.nasa.gov/about/