Terms and Conditions

DASHLink is a public site to which Registered Users are allowed to upload content and anyone may view or download content. This includes the creation of Topic Pages, Algorithm pages, comments, tagging, social voting and other services. Therefore, Users are responsible for knowing their rights to distribute information and for ensuring the appropriateness of information that they upload to the site. Users should not upload any information considered: Classified, Sensitive, But Unclassified/Official Use Only, Copyrighted (without retaining proper copyright notices and without permission where not the owner), ITAR restricted, Proprietary without permission (where not the owner), Obscene, or containing other inappropriate comments, including use of foul language or derogatory remarks. See below for more information concerning these types of inappropriate content. Advertisements for products or services or other content intended for commercial marketing purposes are also inappropriate.

The DASHLink collaborative website is designed for research purposes only, and thus any mention of a product or service should be pertinent to a specific research activity and be presented in a research context. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem to be advertising in nature.

ITAR, Export Controlled, and Proprietary or Copyrighted Information

This website is not for the transfer or storage of classified, sensitive or proprietary information; therefore, classified, Sensitive, But Unclassified/Official Use Only, or other sensitive or proprietary information (such as inventions or other forms of intellectual property) may not be processed, entered or stored on the collaboration websites. Information is considered "classified" if it contains national security information, which requires proper handling and safeguarding under national security laws and regulations. Information is considered "proprietary" where such information was developed at private expense and embodies trade secrets or contains commercial or financial information over which the owner intends to control access and use. Users must have explicit written approval from the owner before removing the proprietary status of proprietary information and before such information is uploaded onto the website.

NASA Civil Servants and Contractors are each individually responsible for ensuring all information they post has been through the STI Documentation Availability Authorization review process (NF-1676B at NASA Ames, including other proper forms for your center), which includes a review for export controlled information. Other individual contributors are responsible to ensure that information uploaded on the website complies with export control regulations.

Defamatory or Vulgar Content

Members who post information have the responsibility for assuring their content's appropriateness. All content should remain on topic. Fraudulent, harassing, obscene, or sexually explicit language or materials are inappropriate and not welcome. Mass solicitations (SPAM) are inappropriate.

The collaborative websites do not moderate comments or user-created pages, but if an issue is brought to our attention, we reserve the right to remove content we deem inappropriate.

While DASHLink is a NASA collaboration website, the opinions expressed on the site are that of the User and do not represent the opinions of NASA. The opinions expressed by NASA Civil Servants or contractors on this site are likewise that of the User and do not represent the opinions of NASA. The website administrator will not remove comments critical of NASA or its programs, but will remove comments that could be construed as personal attacks. NASA Civil Servants should be aware that while they may express personal opinions on this site, any criticism may be picked up by the public, news media, bloggers, industry lobbyists, other government agencies and other persons or organizations to be used for their own purposes. Keep in mind that once comments are submitted, they cannot be effectively retracted and NASA managers, public affairs and legislative affairs staff will need to address any questions that arise.

Community Generated Content & Responsibilities

As most of the content on these websites are community generated, we cannot assure the accuracy, relevance or usefulness of information posted by our users. We do not moderate user posted content. We leave it to our users to create the community atmosphere that is most conducive to their work.

Users have a responsibility to report any suspected weaknesses in site security and any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement to the proper authorities by contacting the website administrator.

All registered users have the ability and responsibility to flag content as inappropriate. If we are notified that a posting is 'inappropriate', the content may be taken down for review and the owner of the content notified by email. If after review, we deem the posting to be inappropriate (e.g., it includes Defamatory or Obscene content, or includes ITAR-restricted, export-controlled, copyrighted, or proprietary information), we will remove the content from the site.

Users shall not divulge or share access information, such as passwords. Users are responsible for notifying the site in a timely manner if their account password is compromised.

Users shall not purposely engage in activities to: harass other users; degrade the performance of systems; deprive an authorized user access to a resource; circumvent computer security measures or gain access to a system for which proper authorization has not been given.

Consequences for Inappropriate and Illegal Behavior

Users who post illegal material or who use this website for illegal activities will lose access to their account and any privilege to approve an account, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Users who post inappropriate or otherwise defamatory or obscene content may receive only a one-time warning for the first such posting. Should the transgression occur again, the User would lose access to their account and any privilege to approve an account. Users who post information that violate sensitive, but unclassified/official use only requirements, copyright or proprietary rights will be warned and their Civil Servant sponsor (for Civil Servants, their immediate supervisor) will be notified. Upon a case-by-case review, such users could potentially lose access and any privilege to approve an account.

Users who are removed from the site and wish to reapply for access will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be reauthorized through their Civil Servant contact. Should the User be a Civil Servant, they will require authorization through their supervisor. It will be incumbent on the authorizing person to indicate whether a user should be reaccepted although the authorizing person will not be held accountable for the Users actions. Should the User transgress again, they will be removed permanently with no recourse to reapply. The User's organization may choose to take further action regarding the behavior of its User employees. Upon written request, the website administrator will cooperate by providing user names and timestamps.

Deactivation of Accounts

Should a user at any time wish to deactivate their account they should contact the webmaster via Deactivate My Account. Unless specifically requested, we will leave topic pages, data sets, algorithms and comments made by the User on the site.

Registration for Accounts

To become a registered user, you must in some way be affiliated with NASA, either through an NRA, SAA, or informal arrangement. Please click here to register if you are affiliated with a NASA civil servant who can approve you.