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    Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop - Organizing Committee

    Note: if you plan to upload here something that should be public - please don't. Please upload to the public website and it will be cross linked to here. Thanks Big Picture Stuff Current Activities & Short Term Schedule Meetings & Telecons OC Reports & Presentations Kickoff Meeting Information References Configurations: Rectangular Supercritical Wing (RSW) Benchmark Supercritical Wing (BSCW) HIRENASD Subcommittees: Gridding & Geometry Structural Modeling Experimental Data Data Comparison & Formatting Configurations

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  • Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion

  • Aviation Safety Technology Portal (ASTEP)

    Information on tools and technologies developed by NASA for Commercial and General Aviation Operators. Check out some of the Opensource tools available: MKAD MKAD (Multiple Kernel Anomaly Detection) is a software tool that can be used for anomaly detection. Nu-Anomica ...

  • FDM for offshore operators

    Minimal set of events and data visualization for flight data, aiming to measure and ensure quality in helicopter operator on offshore operations.

  • Fire and Smoke Prediction Study

  • FLEA

    The FLEA test stand is a lightweight, self-contained testbed capable of supporting three different actuators: one nominal, one injected with faults, and the third providing dynamic load. The load is switched in-flight from the healthy to the faulty test actuator, ...

  • Health management of aircraft electrical systems

  • Mathematical Modeling Of A Li-Ion Battery System And Its Applications In Battery Monitoring/Control

  • NASA Space Radiation Program Element Web Tools

    We have developed several biophysical models to assess the health risks to astronauts due to space radiation. You can access here.

  • NASA-Boeing

    • Designed custom tooling for new product development of Boeing-NASA ISS (International Space Station) solar panel structure. • Developed new global optimization techniques for designing new airplanes. • Conceptualized advanced methodology for project development of solar panel structures. • Authored ...

  • Optimal Alarm Systems for Anomaly Detection

    An optimal alarm system is simply an optimal level-crossing predictor that can be designed to elicit the fewest false alarms for a fixed detection probability. It currently use Kalman filtering for dynamic systems to provide a layer of predictive capability ...

  • PHM Data Challenges

    This site contains a collection of data sets that were used at various data challanges at the PHM Conference over the years.

  • PHM Data Challenges

    This site hosts data sets (or links to data sets for data challenges that were held at the PHM Conference over the years.

  • Prognostics CoE Publications

    This site contains the papers authored by members of the Prognostics Center of Excellence at NASA Ames.

  • PSU-AMES FOQA Project

    A collaborative work of PSU and Nasa Ames on FOQA data analysis. The goal is to detect anomalies in FOQA data.

  • Sustainability Base

    Sustainability Base (N232) is a 50,000 sq ft high-performance office building on the NASA Ames campus. A goal of Sustainability Base is to provide a research testbed where different sustainable technologies and concepts can be implemented, tested, and demonstrated. Please ...

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  • Vehicle Level Reasoning System-VLRS

    A systems view is necessary to detect, diagnose, predict, and mitigate adverse events during the flight of an aircraft. While most aircraft subsystems look for simple threshold exceedance and report them to a central maintenance computer, the vehicle–level reasoning system ...

  • Workshop on IVHM and Aviation Safety

    WIAS is an Indo-US workshop on Integrated Vehicle health management and Aviation safety organized jointly by National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bangalore and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) USA for the first time in India. We welcome all the expert ...

  • X Project

    The X Project is an exiting collaborative aircraft design challenge, exploring new sustainable ideas and opportunities in technology, while researching and developing the fastest propeller driven airplane in the world.