Research Areas under DASHlink


  • Want to look at the factors in fuel starvation and fuel exhaustion events in General Aviation. I want to explore patterns in aircraft type and equipment to evaluate methods that might minimize these events

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  • Creating awareness of Space technology in Uganda. Addressing the need of Space exploration and its significance in Uganda. Simplified of Space technology to the citizens of Uganda

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  • NASA Space Radiation Program Element Web Tools

    We have developed several biophysical models to assess the health risks to astronauts due to space radiation. You can access here.

  • NASA-Boeing

    • Designed custom tooling for new product development of Boeing-NASA ISS (International Space Station) solar panel structure. • Developed new global optimization techniques for designing new airplanes. • Conceptualized advanced methodology for project development of solar panel structures. • Authored ...

  • Preformed Complex Organic Molecules from the Matrix of Magnetic Minerals

    Dr. Friedemann Fruend and Nomana Intekhab Hadi has been working on a project entitled as ‘Preformed Complex Organic Molecules from the Matrix of Magnetic Minerals’ in Earth Science Division, Code SGE Exobiology Grant # NNX10AR81G where there project titled as ...

  • Radiation Safety & Maintenance

    Nuclear Safety at Ames Research Center. Code- 305GH

  • Sustainability Base

    Sustainability Base (N232) is a 50,000 sq ft high-performance office building on the NASA Ames campus. A goal of Sustainability Base is to provide a research testbed where different sustainable technologies and concepts can be implemented, tested, and demonstrated. Please ...

  • Working with Amphibious Aircrafts

    This project is created to study Amphibious Aircrafts and promote their usage by researching prospective fields in Commercial as well as the Military sector.