A team of people at NASA ARC, KSC, JPL, and MSFC developed a prototype ground-based diagnostic system that was demonstrated during the pre-launch period of the Ares I-X launch vehicle. The prototype combines three tools: IMS, TEAMS-RT, and SHINE. It has the ability to detect and isolate faults in the Ares I-X first-stage thrust vector control and the associated ground hydraulics. It monitored live data while the vehicle was in the Vehicle Assembly Building and while it was on Launch Pad 39B, right up until the October 28, 2009 launch. The prototype was not certified, but we sought to ensure that all of the software we used could be certified, and we wrote a certification plan.


M. Schwabacher and R. Waterman. Pre-Launch Diagnostics for Launch Vehicles. IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2008. Full paper

Mark Schwabacher, Rodney Martin, Robert Waterman, Rebecca Oostdyk, John Ossenfort, and Bryan Matthews. Ares I-X Ground Diagnostic Prototype. AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference, Atlanta, April 2010. https://dashlink.arc.nasa.gov/paper/ares-i-x-ground-diagnostic-prototype/


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