Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbed (ADAPT)

Project Lead: Scott Poll

The Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbed (ADAPT) at NASA Ames Research Center is a unique facility designed to enable the development, maturation, and benchmarking of diagnostic, prognostic, and decision technologies for system health management applications. Through these capabilities ADAPT will provide expert advice to the system health management community on the suitability, effectiveness, limitations, performance, and applications of diagnostic, prognostic, and decision technologies.

The following lists some of the objectives of the testbed:

Develop hardware-in-the-loop testbeds and supporting software infrastructure that allows the injection of faults in a repeatable and standardized fashion.

Conduct hardware-in-the-loop experiments to collect data for equipment exercised in nominal and failure modes, and in different operating conditions.

Research, formulate, and apply appropriate metrics for benchmarking diagnostic and prognostic algorithms.

Develop and assess uncertainty management methodologies that quantify effects of system, environment, and operational usage uncertainties.

Provide a benchmarking service for diagnostic and prognostic algorithms.

Develop and implement techniques for decision making based on health information.

Provide effective demonstrations of diagnostic and prognostic technologies.

Perform system studies with health management applications.

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