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In January of 2016 a group of NASA civil servants and contractors representing various NASA Life Sciences organizations met at Ames Research Center to discuss common data goals and issues with an aim to leveraging resources between projects and learning from each other.
Files available to download from this site include the presentations made at that Jan 2016 TEM.

TEM-2 was held May 31, 2018


KC-NMCC Final.pptx
NMCC Presentation TEM-2
994.9 KB
TEM2 Summary
33.9 KB
TEM-BSP 2018_2018.05.31.v1.pptx
BSP Presentation
7.7 MB
Space Life Sciences TEM - Open Data Overview.pptx
OpenData TEM2
2.4 MB
Bionbank TEM2
4.3 MB
Data Management in Astrobiology: Challenges and Opportunitie...
Astrobiology TEM2
605.9 KB
KC-NMCC Final.pptx
994.9 KB


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