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Through access to de-identified aggregate flight recorded data, researchers have the ability to proactively identify and analyze trends and target resources to reduce operational risks in the National Airspace System (NAS). This valuable data source enables the aviation community to take positive steps in mitigating potential issues in the system and improving the overall safety of the NAS. The posted files contain actual data recorded onboard a single type of regional jet operating in commercial service over a three-year period. While the files contain detailed aircraft dynamics, system performance, and other engineering parameters, they do not provide any information that can be traced to a particular airline or manufacturer. These records are not part of any airline Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) program. The appropriate parties have allowed NASA to provide the data to the general public for the purpose of evaluating and advancing data mining capabilities that can be used to promote aviation safety. This DASHlink project may be a forum for research groups to share any significant findings and insights into the data from the application of leading edge data mining capabilities. Subject matter experts can also provide feedback and validation for the findings.

Bash script that can be used to download all flight data zip files.
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  • Ed Odisho 4 years, 7 months

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on my dissertation on using data mining methods to build predictive models. I am focussing on using these FDM data to identify unstable approaches.

    I am just getting started and would be interested if anyone has any experience synthesizing all of the different data sets from each tail number into one aggregate data set?

    I plan to eventually sample the data using the final approach gates of 1000 feet AGL and 500 feet AGL as the performance window.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Odisho

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  • Henning Kropp 7 years, 3 months

    Hi, I updated the script to keep track of successful downloads by using hidden files for each. After all files are downloaded the hidden files get delete. This support downloading the files with interruption. Maybe someone else will find it useful? I have published the script in my gist here:

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