The HIRF Laboratory is a state of the art facility for generating radiated electromagnetic environments for testing the EM susceptibility, immunity and compatibility of flight critical avionics. It is located at NASA Langley Research Center in Building 1220. The test data acquired are used to study avionic-upset and to characterize fault-tolerant systems. The lab includes three reverberation chambers, TEM cells, high power amplifiers, source generators, indirect lightning waveform and impulse generators, and measurement equipment. The lab has expertise in reverberation chamber theory and operation, evaluation of portable electronic device (PED) compatibility with aircraft systems, aircraft coupling measurements and RF propagation, flight spectrum measurements and EMI assessments, and EMI/EMC testing. The lab is currently supporting research in the Aviation Safety’s Integrated Vehicle Health Management program, particularly HIRF and lightning effects on metal and composite aircraft and wireless sensor technologies.


NASA Langley HIRF Lab
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