Data from Sustainability Base Characterizing Cold Complaints for ACCEPT

A dataset shared by RODNEY MARTIN, updated on Aug 08, 2015


The zip file linked contains three subdirectories and a parameter list to be used for processing using ACCEPT. Datafiles are partitioned into training, validation, and testing sub-directory structures. A text file contains all parameter identifiers associated with the cold complaint prediction scenario. Please note that the parameter list is a text file containing the following lines:

DC114T - Electrical room temperature
DCRCS103 - Carbon Dioxide concentration sensor in first floor conference room
DCTN240T - Second floor conference room temperature

Please note that Appendix E of an accompanying technical report will be posted here shortly, which will provide more detail on the cold complaint scenario, along with step-by-step directions on how to reproduce the results for this example using ACCEPT. Other appendices will provide detailed set up and configuration instructions.

Here is the citation:

Rodney Martin, Santanu Das, Vijay Janakiraman, Stefan Hosein. ACCEPT: Introduction of the Adverse Condition and Critical Event Prediction Toolbox, NASA Technical Report, NASA/TM–2015– 218927, November 2015.

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Sustainability Base FMCS Data
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Updated Sustainability Base FMCS Data consistent with example in Appendix E of technical report
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