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Towards Software Health Management with Bayesian Networks

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As software and software intensive systems are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, the impact of failures can be tremendous. In some industries such as aerospace, medical devices, or automotive, such failures can cost lives or endan- ger mission success. Software faults can arise due to the inter- action between the software, the hardware, and the operating environment. Unanticipated environmental changes lead to software anomalies that may have significant impact on the overall success of the mission. Latent coding errors can at any time during system operation trigger faults despite the fact that usually a significant effort has been expended in verification and validation (V&V;) of the software system. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly more apparent that pre-deployment V&V; is not enough to guarantee that a com- plex software system meets all safety, security, and reliabil- ity requirements. Software Health Management (SWHM) is a new field that is concerned with the development of tools and technologies to enable automated detection, diagnosis, prediction, and mitigation of adverse events due to software anomalies, while the system is in operation. The prognos- tic capability of the SWHM to detect and diagnose failures before they happen will yield safer and more dependable systems for the future. This paper addresses the motivation, needs, and requirements of software health management as a new discipline and motivates the need for SWHM in safety critical applications.

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