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Maintenance Action Recommendation

A dataset shared by Kai Goebel, updated on Oct 28, 2013


Contributing Author(s) :
Dustin Garvey , Neil Eklund

Maintenance action recommendation is a common problem in industrial remote monitoring and diagnostics. This dataset will allow testing of the ability to accurately recommend confirmed problem types and not make any recommendations for historical nuisance cases.

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Source Files

Test - Case to Problem.csv
Test - Case to Problem
2.4 KB 68 downloads
Test - Nuisance Cases.csv
Test - Nuisance Cases
70.3 KB 55 downloads
Train - Case to Problem.csv
Train - Case to Problem
2.3 KB 53 downloads
Train - Nuisance Cases.csv
Train - Nuisance Cases
80.4 KB 57 downloads
Train - Case to Events and Parameters.csv
Train - Case to Events and Parameters
653.7 MB 14983 downloads
Test - Case to Events and Parameters.csv
Test – Case to Events and Parameters.csv
960.1 MB 0 downloads


There are 4 data sets. Due to proprietary concerns we cannot provide a detailed description of the data and the domain. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the organizers (garvey@ge.com, eklund@ge.com).

Train – Case to Problem.csv (2.25 kb):

This file contains the different problems associated with each case. A case can either be created by an automated system or manually by an engineer. The problem is a number that specifies a particular maintenance action that should be implemented to correct the symptom/problem.

Train – Nuisance Cases.csv (80.43 kb):

This file contains a set of cases that were not instructive enough to be acted on. These cases should be examined to determine what features are not useful for classifying problems. For a bit of context, these cases were mostly created by automated systems and were presented to an engineer who determined that the symptom was not sufficient to notify the customer of the identified problem.

Train – Case to Events and Parameters.csv (960.13 mb):

This file contains all of the event codes and parameters that are associated with all of the cases in the previous files. This file should be used to train/develop the recommender. This data was generated from an industrial piece of equipment. Anytime a specific condition is met onboard, the control system generates a specific event code, which effectively captures the type of conditions met to generate the code, and takes a snapshot of all of the parameters that are measured onboard.

Test – Case to Events and Parameters.csv (653.75 mb):

This file contains all of the event codes and parameters for all of the test cases. This file should be used to generate the file that will be used to evaluate your recommender that is discussed later.

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