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Intelligent Temporal Data Driven World Actuation in Ambient Environments Case Study: Anomaly Recognition and Assistance Provision in Smart Home

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Farzad Amirjavid

Abstract — A possible resident of smart home is an old person or an Alzheimer patient that should be assisted continuously for the rest of his life; however, normally this person desires to live independently at home. Typically, this person may forget sometimes completion of the activities; may realize the activities of daily living incorrectly, and may enter to dangerous states. In this context smart home project is proposed as an ambient intelligent environment, in which on one hand the resident is observed continuously through the embedded sensors, and on the other hand the resident is assisted automatically through the embedded electronically controllable actuators. In this work, we propose an approach to interpret the sensors’ observations and how to automatically reason in the required assistance. The result is provision of automated assistance for the smart home resident.

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Intellgent Automatic Anomaly Recognition
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