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Scott Poll

We provide MATLAB binary files (.mat) and comma separated values files of data collected from a pilot study of a plug load management system that allows for the metering and control of individual electrical plug loads. The study included 15 power strips, each containing 4 channels (receptacles), which wirelessly transmitted power consumption data approximately once per second to 3 bridges. The bridges were connected to a building local area network which relayed data to a cloud-based service. Data were archived once per minute with the minimum, mean, and maximum power draw over each one minute interval recorded. The uncontrolled portion of the testing spanned approximately five weeks and established a baseline energy consumption. The controlled portion of the testing employed schedule-based rules for turning off selected loads during non-business hours; it also modified the energy saver policies for certain devices.

Three folders are provided: “matFilesAllChOneDate” provides a MAT-file for each date, each file has all channels; “matFilesOneChAllDates” provides a MAT-file for each channel, each file has all dates; “csvFiles” provides comma separated values files for each date (note that because of data export size limitations, there are 10 csv files for each date). Each folder has the same data; there is no practical difference in content, only the way in which it is organized.

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Comma-separated values data files
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MAT-file for each date, all channels
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MAT-file for each channel, all dates
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Pilot Study of a Plug Load Management System: Preparing for Sustainability Base
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