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Jennifer Heeg

Documentation of tests conducted at NASA TDT of Rectangular Supercritical wing test in the 1980's and documented in RTO Report 26. More results are also published in other references. Time history data for this test (TDT Test number 353) is not available.

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Source Files
Airfoil Shape & Coordinates
References: RSW
IGES file
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PLEASE USE UPDATED FILE ( instead) Steady Experimental TestCase Results (Tecplot format)
4.0 KB 60 downloads
PLEASE USE UPDATED FILE ( instead) Unsteady Experimental TestCase Results (Tecplot format)
4.6 KB 55 downloads
RSW wing only (NO splitter plate)
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RSW wing WITH splitter plate
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Updated data files to remove bad data points and correct data zone mislabeling
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Assessment of bad data points, Feb 2012
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RSW Summary Information.ppt
February 10, 2012 update
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Geom.and Str. Properties of a Rectangular Supercritical Wing Oscillated in Pitch for Measurement of Unsteady Transonic Pressure Distributions, Ricketts, Watson, Sandford, Seidel - Nov 1983 (Ricketts)
2249110 189 downloads
Transonic Pressure Distributions on a Rectangular Supercritical Wing Oscillating in Pitch, Ricketts, Sandford, Seidel, Watson, JA Vol 21 No 8, 1983
854186 169 downloads
Computational Test Cases - early RSW (Ricketts - in RTO publicaton) - Complete results are in NASA TM 85765 - Subsonic and Transonic Unsteady- and Steady-Pressure Measurements on a Rectangular Supercritical Wing Oscillated in Pitch by Ricketts, Sandford, W
4660988 178 downloads

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