Supercritical Airfoil Coordinates

A dataset shared by CAROL WIESEMAN, updated on Feb 02, 2011


Rectangular Supercritical Wing (Ricketts) - design and measured locations are provided in an Excel file RSW_airfoil_coordinates_ricketts.xls . One sheet is with Non dimensional coordinates (RSW-nd) to be able to compare with other supercritical airfoils. The other sheet (RectSupercriticalWing) has the data which should be used to generate the grids.

Benchmark Supercritical Wing are available in PDF file of tables. The data was OCR'd. Matlab code was written to read data line by line to be able to extract the data. The "*" flag associated with points that have deviation greater the specified value were replaced with blank space. Bad lines were omitted - lines that have non-numerical digits.

Comparison of Rectangular Supercritical Wing (Ricketts), Benchmark Supercritical Wing, MBB_A3

2D Airfoil tested at DLR - comparison of theoretical and actual.

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Source Files

RSW Airfoil Coordinates of model tested in 1980's by Ricketts
123.0 KB 264 downloads
Compares RSW(Ricketts), BSW, MBB_A3
299.0 KB 168 downloads
Image: SCWairfoils.png
All 3 airfoil sections
35.7 KB 607 downloads
Image: mbb_a3.png
MBB_A3 coordinates - theoretical and actual comparison
21.7 KB 508 downloads


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