DXC'09 Industrial Track Competition Data

A dataset shared by SCOTT POLL, updated on Nov 22, 2010


Competition data, including nominal and faulty scenarios, for Industrial Track Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the First International Diagnostic Competition. Three file formats are provided, tab-delimited .txt files, Matlab .mat files, and tab-delimited .scn files. The scenario (.scn) files are read by the DXC framework. See the DXC'09 Industrial Track Sample Data resource page for additional documentation, including system catalogs and schematics.

Note that a "rematch" took place after the competition at the DX-09 Workshop. The rematch data consisted of the data for the original competition plus new data sets taken specifically for the rematch.

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Source Files

Industrial Track Tier 1 (ADAPT-Lite) Competition Data
1.4 MB 35 downloads
Industrial Track Tier 2 (ADAPT) Competition Data
26.1 MB 36 downloads
Industrial Track Tier 1 (ADAPT-Lite) New Data for Rematch Competition
717.0 KB 21 downloads
Industrial Track Tier 2 (ADAPT) New Data for Rematch Competition
7.6 MB 15 downloads


We are grateful to Jim Ong and his colleagues at Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. for providing graphical summaries of the DXC Industrial Track competition data using their DataMontage data visualization software.

For any questions, contact this resource's administrator: NDC-spoll

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