DXC'09 Industrial Track Sample Data

A dataset shared by SCOTT POLL, updated on Nov 22, 2010


Sample data, including nominal and faulty scenarios, for Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the First International Diagnostic Competition. Three file formats are provided, tab-delimited .txt files, Matlab .mat files, and tab-delimited .scn files. The scenario (.scn) files are read by the DXC framework. See the Support/Documentation section below and the First International Diagnostic Competition project page for more information.

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Source Files

Industrial Track Tier 1 (ADAPT-Lite) Sample Data
1.4 MB 38 downloads
Industrial Track Tier 2 (ADAPT) Sample Data
34.8 MB 39 downloads
Industrial Track Tier 2 (ADAPT) Sample Nominal Data for Rematch
231.5 KB 19 downloads


System catalogs, schematics for ADAPT-Lite and ADAPT
818509 82 downloads
XML schema documentation
433240 19 downloads

See the files AdaptLiteSystem.html and AdaptSystemDXC.html in the DXC09_ADAPTsystems_20081209.zip file for schematics of the systems for Tier 1 and Tier 2, respectively. The html files are optimized for viewing with Internet Explorer. Also included in the zip file are xml files with component, connection, and mode descriptions.

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