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Turbofan engine degradation simulation data set

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PHM08 Challenge Dataset is now publicly available at the NASA Prognostics Respository + Download An online evaluation utility is also provided to let users evaluate their results and get feedback on test dataset.

Run-to-failure data: Engine degradation simulation was carried out using C-MAPSS tool. Four different sets were simulated under different combinations of operational conditions and fault modes. Several sensor channels were recorded to characterize fault evolution.
The data set was provided by the Prognostics CoE at NASA Ames. The set is in text format and has been zipped including a readme file. Please cite: "A. Saxena and K. Goebel (2008). "Turbofan Engine Degradation Simulation Data Set", NASA Ames Prognostics Data Repository, NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA."

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