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    Senior Statistical Scientist
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My current research interests include the analysis of large data-sets pertaining to different industrial processes in manufacturing and design of intelligent control systems. I have been developing, testing and applying advanced statistical tools to better understand different kinds of data in various interdisciplinary fields for 10+ years, including Earth and space science applications, funded by NASA. Currently, I am working in the design of new control systems for various purposes, such as fault diagnosis and process monitoring. My goal is to utilize my interdisciplinary expertise in both statistics and engineering to solve complex problems encountered in industrial manufacturing. A brief list of projects are provided below, showing my interdisciplinary commitment in science and engineering:

•Development of advanced statistical tools to better understand and control physical phenomena at different stages of industrial manufacturing (currently)
•Separation of natural and anthropogenic factors affecting surface temperature of Earth (2011-2012)
•Applications of machine learning for the remote sensing of aerosols (2011-2012)
•The assessment of climate feedback processes (2009-2011)
•Identifying relationships among Earth climate data (2007-2009)
•Characterization of interstellar organic molecules (2007-2009)
•Sequential Bayesian modeling of non-stationary non-Gaussian processes and its application to seismic signal modeling(2002-2007)
•Sytem identification: acoustic echo cancellation (1999-2000)

Applied mathematics and statistics,
Statistical signal processing,
Bayesian data analysis,
Machine learning and data mining,
Control systems,
Information theory,
Spectral analysis,
Analysis of extreme events
Adaptive signal processing,
Chaos theory,
Remote sensing.

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