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Application of Model Based Prognostics to Pneumatic Valves in a Cryogenic Propellant Loading Testbed

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Pneumatic-actuated valves are critical components in many applications, including cryogenic propellant loading for space operations. For these components, failures need to be predicted so that components can be repaired to ensure mission success, i.e., health monitoring and fault prognostics is required. In order to develop, test, mature, and deploy valve prognostics algorithms, we have developed a testbed for pneumatic valves used in cryogenic service for propellant loading operations, in which we can inject controlled damage pro files and observe its effects on valve operation. In this paper, we focus on the prognostics of a continuously-controlled pneumatic valve. We describe the construction of the testbed, the fault injection mechanisms, and the model-based valve prognostics algorithms. Experimental results from the testbed demonstrate successful prediction of valve failure.

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