Accelerated Aging with Electrical Overstress and Prognostics for Power MOSFETs

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Author(s) :
S. Saha, J. Celaya, V. Vashchenko, K. Goebel

Power electronics play an increasingly important role in energy applications as part of their power converter circuits. Understanding the behavior of these devices, especially their failure modes as they age with nominal usage or sudden fault development is critical in ensuring efficiency. In this paper, a prognostics based health management of power MOSFETs undergoing accelerated aging through electrical overstress at the gate area is presented. Details of the accelerated aging methodology, modeling of the degradation process of the device and prognostics algorithm for prediction of the future state of health of the device are presented. Experiments with multiple devices demonstrate the performance of the model and the prognostics algorithm as well as the scope of application.
Index Terms—Power MOSFET, accelerated aging, prognostics.

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