A Discussion on Uncertainty Representation and Interpretation in Model-based Prognostics Algorithms based on Kalman Filter Estimation Applied to Prognostics of Electronics Components

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Author(s) :
J. Celaya, A. Saxena, K. Goebel

This article presented a discussion on uncertainty representation and management for model-based prog- nostics methodologies based on the Bayesian tracking framework and specifically for a Kalman filter appli- cation to electronics components. In particular, it explores the implication of modeling remaining useful life prediction as a stochastic process and how it relates to remaining useful life computation by statistical models, to uncertainty representation and management, and to the role of prognostics in decision-making. A discussion on how uncertainty propagates from the health state estimation process through the health state forecasting process is provided. Remaining useful life computation steps under uncertainty are pre- sented and analytical results on uncertainty quantification are provided under a simplified scenario. A proper propagation of uncertainty through the RUL prediction step as well as its correct interpretation are key to developing decision-making methodologies that make use of the remaining useful life prediction estimates and their corresponding uncertainties in order to make actionable choices that will optimize reliability, operations or safety in view of the prognostics information.

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