Model-based Prognostics under Limited Sensing

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Author(s) :
Matthew Daigle, Kai Goebel

Prognostics is crucial to providing reliable condition-based maintenance decisions. To obtain accurate predictions of component life, a variety of sensors are often needed. However, it is typically difficult to add enough sensors for reliable prognosis, due to system constraints such as cost and weight. Model-based prognostics helps to offset this problem by exploiting domain knowledge about the system, its components, and how they fail by casting the underlying physical phenomena in a physics-based model that is derived from first principles. We develop a model-based prognostics methodology using particle filters, and investigate the benefits of a model-based approach when sensor sets are diminished. We apply our approach to a detailed physics-based model of a pneumatic valve, and perform comprehensive simulation experiments to demonstrate the robustness of model-based approaches under limited sensing scenarios using prognostics performance metrics.

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Publication Name
2010 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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Big Sky, MT
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