HIRENASD Experimental Data, Individual Plots

A dataset shared by JENNIFER HEEG, updated on Nov 02, 2011


Contributing Author(s) :
Jennifer Heeg

The HIRENASD data produced by analyzing the experimental data is repeated on this website, for those who can not download the information in the zip format found on the primary Experimental Data page, or who wish to examine the plots of the data online.

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Operating System
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Programming Language
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Source Files

Image: Magnitude_Mach7_Re7M.jpg
593.6 KB 85 downloads
Image: Magnitude_Mach8_Re7M.jpg
593.7 KB 48 downloads
Image: Magnitude_Mach8_Re23p5.jpg
624.4 KB 36 downloads
Image: Magnitude_Mach8_Re23p5_rescaled.jpg
596.4 KB 34 downloads
Image: Phase_Mach7_Re7M.jpg
658.7 KB 37 downloads
Image: Phase_Mach8_Re7M.jpg
656.7 KB 36 downloads
Image: Phase_Mach8_Re23p5M.jpg
660.1 KB 36 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mach7_fromDynamic.jpg
549.6 KB 38 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mach7_fromDynamicANDstatic.jpg
568.9 KB 35 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mp7_Re7M.jpg
567.2 KB 40 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mp8_Re7M_v2.jpg
550.9 KB 47 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mp8_Re23p5M.jpg
606.7 KB 41 downloads
Image: Static_Cp_Mp8_Re23p5M_v2.jpg
578.9 KB 49 downloads


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