Workshop on IVHM and Aviation Safety: Advisory and Organizing Committees

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Advisory Committee

  • Dr Kota Harinarayana
  • Dr DS Kothari Chair and former Program Director LCA
  • Dr AR Upadhya, Director NAL
  • Mr Shyam Chetty, Head FMCD, NAL

Organizing Committee

  • Dr Satish Chandra, Chairman
  • Mr Yogesh Kumar, Chairman Technical Committee
  • Dr MN Sathaynarayana, I/C PR & Logistics
  • Mr Jitendra Singh, I/C Planning and Reception
  • Mr Somnarayanan, I/C Transportation & Press
  • Mrs Gomathy Sankaran, I/C Accommodation
  • Dr Pashilkar, Mr CM Ananda, Dr Ramesh Sundaram & Mr Vijay Kumar: I/C Technical Sessions
  • Mr. K Chandrasekhar, I/C Finance and Accounts
  • Dr V Upendranath, Convener


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