HIRENASD FEM wing only HEX20

A dataset shared by CAROL WIESEMAN, updated on Nov 23, 2010


The finite element model being used by the AePW is based on the model provided at
HIRENASD website

The NASTRAN FEM's using HEXA solid elements and identified as "structured"(str) is the one that will be used. Another exists which uses TETRA elements and is labeled "unstructured"(unstr). The original FEM's as provided on the website had different coordinate systems and are in different units.

  • str = mm
  • unstructured = meters

    The coordinate systems for each of the FEM are different also. To facilitate use both FEM's were modified so that the x direction is in the flow direction, y - is out the wing and z is goes from lower surface to upper surface of the wing and the models are in meters.

    Mode shapes and frequencies were calculated with both FEM's and a frequency comparison is provided. The only model NASA has used is the "str" model.

    Comparisons of the FEM as provided from HIRENASD website with as modified are provided

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    Source Files

    Grid Locations for Str model (HEXA)
    2.6 MB 88 downloads
    Finite element for Structured Model - Temperature 293deg R
    4.3 MB 102 downloads
    Mode shapes in punch file format
    309.7 MB 77 downloads


    353954 187 downloads

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