Please notify the DASHlink Team with questions or comments.

Welcome to DASHlink 2.0!

DASHlink is a social platform for scientists working in Aeronautics and supporting research fields. The goal of DASHlink 2.0 is to build upon the success of the original DASHlink by adding powerful new functionality to the site. Because the update to DASHlink is so extensive and includes an update to our registration process, current DASHlink users will need to re-register for DASHlink. We have migrated the content from DASHlink 1.0 over to the new site.

How to register

NASA employees and support service contractors can use their NDC credentials to login to the site. External users will be able to create an account using OpenID. Essentially, this means that users will be able to use their Gmail or Yahoo username and password for DASHlink after they have been approved for access. See our DASHlink Registration page for more information.

What happened to my old stuff?

Most content from DASHlink 1.0 has been moved over. However, we cannot link members to their content until they have registered. To "claim your content" please just let the DASHlink Team know that you've registered, and we'll add your content to your profile.

New Tools on DASHlink 2.0

Topics and Groups are Merged

Topics and groups have been merged into a single functionality called “Projects”. Within projects, users can share resources, create wikis and blogs, discuss work, and contact other project members. Additionally, projects now have privacy controls that can be used to limit most of the content of the project to just the project members (please see terms and conditions for special rules regarding private projects).

Data Sets, Algorithms, and More

Data Sets, algorithms, publications, presentations, and more are now universally referred to as Resources. These too can be made private if they are created under private projects. Users are reminded that ITAR, Export Control, and SBU data should not be shared on DASHlink regardless of the privacy status of a resource or project.

Personal Portfolio

Researchers often have past papers they want to share with their peers. DASHlink allows you to do that by uploading resources to your personal collection instead of to a project's library.


The social aspect of DASHlink is the ability to share your projects or resources easily with anybody. You can create your own custom tags, share your projects through email, Facebook, or other social media, and comment on resources and projects.

And, in recognition that many areas of research overlap, DASHlink 2.0 will also be linked to NASA Earth Exchange (members of one will have access to the other and will be able to search across both sites.)

There’s much more on the new DASHlink than what is described here…Users are encouraged to visit the site and explore!