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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Diagnostics, Human Factors, Prognostics, Verification and Validation
Project Description
Information on tools and technologies developed by NASA for Commercial and General Aviation Operators. Check out some of the Opensource tools available: MKAD MKAD (Multiple Kernel Anomaly Detection) is a software tool that can be used for anomaly detection. Nu-Anomica Nu-Anomica is a One Class Support Vector Machine algorithm (OCSVM) that can be ut...Moreilized on continuous (eg, engine temperature or fuel flow) data. MPD MPD ++ MPD ++ is a much faster version of Matching Pursuit Decomposition (MPD), a feature extraction tool. StableGP Is a Gaussian Process Regression tool and can be used to predict failure or adverse events. sequenceMiner The SequenceMiner was developed to address the problem of detecting and describing anomalies in large data sets from recordings of switch sensors in the cockpits of commercial airliners Mariana Mariana is a text mining tool that can be applied to written reports such as ASRS reports, determining the likely categories that each report falls into, for example Runway incursion or Bird Strike. Other NASA tools MTS MTS allows safety analysts to search for specific patterns in multivariate data. And a few more......Less
Project Administrator(s):
Elizabeth Foughty,
Ashok Srivastava,
Kanishka Bhaduri,
Bryan Matthews


Elizabeth Foughty
Ashok Srivastava
Kanishka Bhaduri
Bryan Matthews
Herb Schlickenmaier
Julio Teixeira
Michael Ickes
vinod kumar
Arnab Chatterjee
Fabio Caponetti
Firdu Bati, Ph.D
Ram Shetty
Anuradha Kodali
Lalitya Dhavala


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