2nd AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop (AePW-2)

January 2016, San Diego CA
Associated with the 3rd SciTech Meeting Sponsored by the Structural Dynamics Technical Committee

The AePW-2 website address is

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AePW-1: Workshop


1st AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop (AePW-1)

Sponsored by the Structural Dynamics Technical Committee

April 2012, Honolulu, HI
Associated with the 28th AIAA SDM Conference

Benchmark SuperCritical Wing


This case showed that the analysis techniques being used during AePW were insufficient to model the transonic shock-induced and trailing-edge separation at the analysis condition, Mach 0.85, 5 degs angle of attack...

Rectangular Supercritical Wing


The RSW was envisioned as the "slam dunk" test case. The complexity introduced by the proximity of the model to the wind tunnel wall made this case extremely challenging...



The HIRENASD configuration was analyzed as an aeroelastic configuration. Although the aeroelastic coupling was observed to be very weak, the static aeroelastic deformation played a substantial role in the goodness of the dynamic results...

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