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Earthquake Integrated Data Index & Paleoseismology in Bangladesh

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Author(s) :
Nomana Intekhab Hadi, Dr. Friedemann Freund

The objective is to integrate data of large-amplitude seismic waves in Bangladesh; near the earthquake source to investigate and to derive paleoseismology of the fault motions that produced the earthquake in recent times. The study places special attention to tectonic landforms on the Bangladesh’s earth surface, folds, faults that eventually produced by many earthquakes over ages. This paper will represent several case studies developing real-time seismic maps and assessing best applications with ultimate focuses on understanding how disrupted ancient soil layers due to earthquakes or other fault traces left in past causing future environmental risks to under developing country people. These assessments will help in predicting and evaluating differential, integral, site-dependent ground motions, faults detection resulting from earthquakes. The paper will cover necessary prospects helping to focus on emergency response efforts and preparedness as required in greatest earthquake areas. Overview of Land deformation, change in land geology, intensity of strong motion and site response are also analyzed. This information can be considered to upgrade building codes while design earthquake-resistant structures having pre-awareness from the prediction of earthquake patterns. Proper infrastructure requirement will also be addressed in this research work to avoid mass losses. How NetQuakes can be helpful in monitoring earthquake’s hazardous impact is also evaluated. Importance of Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is heightened in recent times to take protective actions. Attributes and limitations of current seismic maps of Bangladesh due to lacking in advanced technology are also placed on consideration table of these research aspects

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Publication Name
ICESE 2012 : International Conference on Earthquake and Structural Engineering
Publication Location
Bangkok, Thailand
Year Published

Earthquake Integrated Data Index & Paleoseismology in Bangladesh


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