Jun 03


MKAD (Multiple Kernel Anomaly Detection) is a software tool that can be used for anomaly detection.

In most systems data may come in different forms, eg continuous, discrete, text etc. MKAD allows users to search for anomalies in data integrated from different sources and having different properties. For example, in Aviation research, MKAD might be applied to a series of data sets that includes continuous data like: engine temperature or fuel flow parameters, discrete data like: switches pressed by a pilot in an on/off sequence, and text data like: maintenance or pilots’ safety reports.

Examples of synthetic data files (with data setup) are inside the MKAD package. A bit of preprocessing (demonstrated by example scripts) is involved before the data is used by the MKAD algorithm. However you have observations along rows and variables/features along columns. Examples of synthetic data files (with data preprocessing steps) can be found with the MKAD files, located here.


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