Jun 10

Other NASA tools

These tools are not opensourced. For more information about these tools or to explore working with them, please contact the project owner on the tool's individual page.

ReADS ReADS can analyze text reports, such as aviation reports and problem or maintenance records. ReADS uses text clustering algorithms to group loosely related reports and documents, this reduces human error and fatigue. Plus, ReADS identifies interconnected reports; automating the discovery of possible recurring anomalies. ReADS provides a visualization of the clusters and recurring anomalies. ReADS has been integrated into a secure web-based search tool to allow uses to perform their own text mining.

IMS The Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) is a tool that uses a data mining technique called clustering to extract models of normal system operation from archived data.

SDA Spectral Decomposition Algorithm (SDA) is an unsupervised feature extraction technique.

Orca Orca is a data-driven, unsupervised anomaly detection algorithm that uses a distance-based approach.


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